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Sometimes we need to be a tortoise.

Sometimes we need to withdraw our head into our shell and wait.

Sometimes we need to check out from the everyday world and have some “me” time.

After all, we’re busy people. We’ve got plans and schedules. We’ve got others demanding our attention. We’ve got stresses and strains.

So it’s quite understandable that there are moments when it feels like it’s too much.

The trouble is, many of us are “good girls” and “good boys”. We want to do our part and get it done. We don’t want to let the side down.

But what so often happens is that we keep going and feel overwhelmed.

That’s when instead of pushing through, we should stop and rest.

We should say “thank you, I’m checking out for a while.”

It’s only when we do that – when we give ourselves permission to be good to ourselves – that we can truly serve.

It’s only when we check out that we can check back in.

Being kind to ourselves is being kind to the world.


(Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash)