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You might have heard about the poor man who got trapped inside an ATM this week.

The door to the ATM room closed behind him and – boom – there he was stuck without his cellphone or keys.

So he passed notes out through the receipt slot of the machine to try to get people’s attention. “Call my boss,” the notes said.

The trouble is, most people thought it was some kind of Candid Camera-style joke and so they ignored the notes.

That was until a police officer heard a faint voice behind the ATM, went into the building and broke the door down.

The trapped man was unharmed but embarrassed.

Why am I telling you this story (apart from the fact it’s kind of funny)?

We all have a person trapped inside the ATM of our minds, desperately sending us messages.

Those messages might be feelings or inklings or physical sensations. But they’re all messages.

The trouble is, we’re conditioned to ignore them as irritants or irrelevant. Like Candid Camera pranks.

But in reality, those messages are telling us we’re not in alignment with our inner compass.

They’re saying, “listen to me, I want to show you where your true North is!”

What we’re trying to do at the Feel Better Project is show you how to tune into those messages and encourage you to listen to them and follow them.

Because that’s when you start to come into alignment.

And that’s when you start living a life of ease and joy.

Our true selves are waiting to escape from the ATM of life, if only we would hear the cries.


(Photo by LoboStudio Hamburg on Unsplash)