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What would happen if we loosened our grip and allowed ourselves to be led?

We spend so much time hanging on to our plans and our schedules with white knuckles and aching fingers.

We tightly grasp the rope that we think keeps us safe.

But while we’re focusing on that grip for fear of looking down, we miss out on the scenery. We don’t see the paths we could take or the distant views we could enjoy.

What if we could loosen that grip, just a little, and go exploring?

What if we had a sense of something that attracted us and we followed it?

What if we listened to that little voice that is whispering to us?

Our thinking brains are so intent on maintaining control that they won’t let us notice our soul’s desires.

So how about relaxing and listening – and seeing where we’re led?




(Photo by Daniel Frank on Unsplash)