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I saw this post on Facebook yesterday:

Today’s tantrum brought to you by: “My eggs are too yellow.”

He was referring to his two-year-old daughter at breakfast. Children do that. “He breathed on me.” “She looked at me.” “Waaaah!”

But you know what? Maybe the kids are all right.

There are times when the only feel-better thing to do is throw a little tantrum. Stomp around. Hit a pillow. Go take it out on the overgrown bush in the yard.

There are circumstances when we just need to do that. The pressure has built up so much that it’s the only thing that works.

And that’s OK.

All too often we hold ourselves in a place of discomfort because we refuse to align ourselves with our soul’s desire.

But if we just need to blow off some steam, then maybe it’s OK to do that.

If that is what we really need, we will feel a little bit better when we’re done. We will be ready to face the world again – and we will be in position to desire what we truly want.

This practice is about being good to ourselves – listening to ourselves. Only when we do that can we feel better… and be good to the rest of the world.