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This is practice, nothing more.

We can read and be inspired, but without practice – well, it’s hard to make progress.

One of the respondents to the survey talked about discipline.

And they were right.

You see, we’ve been following our old patterns for decades. These old pathways are so well worn that it’s hard to blaze a new trail.

And even when we do strike out somewhere new, it’s all too easy to go back to the old road the next time.

But with practice, those new trails get clearer and wider. The bush recedes. The grass flattens.

Until… with time… the new trail becomes the best trail.

Probably my favorite practice is Appreciations. I have tried to make it easier for you practice by setting up an email that gets sent to you automatically to remind you. (Read about Appreciations and sign up for the email at this link).

Practice, while simple, isn’t always easy. Our brains are constantly coming up with ways to distract us; ways to force us back to the familiar path.

But you know the old joke: How do I get to Carnegie Hall?




(Photo by Guillermo Riquelme on Unsplash)