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When I was a kid, we used to go to the park to play. And in this park was a great, big, long metal slide.

It is the most fun thing ever if you’re six.

On sunny days, the slide would be so hot that you’d think your skin would burn off.

On other days, it was as if someone had slathered butter on the steel. The trip was so speedy that you’d come shooting off the end like a rocket.

And on other days, you’d get half way down and suddenly stop, as if someone had dropped a blob of glue there. When this happened, you’d be stuck. It took effort to shove yourself downwards. Heading back up wasn’t really an option.

The sticky moments are the ones I want to tell you about because life has these sticky moments too; the times when you are humming along just fine and you notice something sticky – some resistance.

If you’re tapped into your inner compass, you’ll notice when something doesn’t feel right. That’s a sticky moment.

Or when you’re working on a project and something is making you pause and think. That’s a sticky moment.

These little blobs of resistance have a lot to teach us because they’re the places we need to figure out.

We need to be aware of them and work out what’s going on.

We need to back off rather than force through them.

And we need to be gentle with them; massage them like a knot in our shoulders.

These are the places where we’re out of alignment. Instead of pushing through them, as society teaches us to, we need to ease off a bit and figure it out. We’re better off if we connect with what’s going on and discover the answer.

When we do all that – when we’re kind and understanding – we find the solution.

The knot disappears; the glue dissolves.

Only then can we continue on the buttered slide of life.


(Photo by Mona Eendra on Unsplash)