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What would happen if you replaced reaction with curiosity?

When you notice a feeling, can you be curious to it rather than judge it?

When you have a thought, can you be curious to it rather than fearful?

Can you say: isn’t it interesting that my mind does that?

Or: It’s funny that I feel that way about this.

When you work from a place of curiosity, you take the sting out of so many things.

Life becomes an experiment rather than do-or-die.

It’s merely interesting… nothing more than that.

So when you do the Feel Better Project practice and consider what you are feeling right now, just be curious to it. Be gentle. Be kindly inquiring.

It smooths the bumps of life’s winding road.

Simon Payn

P.S. To get a refresher on the Feel Better Project practice, request the guide, How to Live in Alignment.