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Our inner compass never fails.

It always points to the North of our soul’s desire.

So when we’re not following its needle, we feel bad.

We feel tension.

We feel a little sickness.

We feel ick and we feel urgh.

When that happens, all we need to do is get back on track; align our thoughts and our actions with our compass’s North.

The trick is: Learn to listen.

And that’s the hard part because we’re so conditioned to override our compass with our I-know-best thoughts.

So… every now and then, stop and check in with yourself: How am I feeling right now? What is my compass telling me?

Then do a little reset and carry on.

The more you practice this, the more aware of your compass you become.

Its signals get stronger.

You follow them with greater ease.

It’s just practice.

Checking in and adjusting.