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Hustle – the word of 2017?

We’re told we have to hustle to get that job.

Hustle to build our business.

Start a side-hustle to achieve more income.

Hustle hustle hustle.

Push push push.

But what if that’s all wrong?

What if we can find a way to flow?

What if we can find a way towards ease?

What if we can become aligned with what our soul desires… so that opportunities come our way rather than us having to dig them out?

I believe that if it feels like we’re hustling then we’re doing it wrong.

If we have to push a rock uphill, then we’re fighting against our nature.

Instead, we can become still. We can tap into our source of true wisdom…

… and then see the opportunities up ahead.

That’s what we’re practicing here at the Feel Better Project.

We’re learning to be guided by our intuition; we’re listening to our feelings.

We’re getting in tune with what we want and what the world has to offer.

We get aligned and in flow rather than in struggle and hustle.




(Photo by Andres Abogabir on Unsplash)