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Yesterday at about 8pm, the sun was shining through the trees.

Its low angle revealed hundreds of spider webs strung between the branches, lit up as if the silk itself had its own light source.

This got me thinking: those trees support hundreds of spiders, and yet I’d never seen them until now.

Of course, spiders are not the only thing the forest supports.

The trees’ bark is home to insects, which feed the woodpeckers that cling to the tree trunks.

And those woodpeckers find homes in cavities drilled out of dying trees.

Then, when the tree finally falls over, it supports fungi and more insects and millions upon millions of bacteria.

All working together to support each other.

All part of a massive harmonious system.

The thing is, we forget that we’re part of this system too.

We sit in our homes – with their glass and their drywall and their ceramic tiles – isolating ourselves from the nature we’re part of.

We forget how nature supports us – feeds us, clothes us. And how we in turn support nature.

Which is why spending time in nature can be so therapeutic; why it can make us feel so much better.

Indeed, a short walk in nature or the close inspection of a flower is right up there among the hammers and the wrenches in my feel-better toolkit.

Spending a few minutes in nature reminds us that we’re supported, we’re connected… we’re loved.

Knowing all that is super-powerful.

Next time you ask yourself, “what can I do right now to feel just a little bit better?” maybe the answer will be: hang out with my loving friend the oak tree at the bottom of the yard.



(Photo by Laura Geror on Unsplash)