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I’ve always been a big planner.

Tell me what we’re doing next Saturday – and don’t dare change the schedule!

Mess with my plans and you mess with my head, I tell you!

And that has caused problems because, in real life, sometimes plans have to change.

The trouble is, if you’re so inflexible that you can’t change without snapping something inside of you, then it makes like difficult.

I’ve gotten better at this – at developing flexibility – since doing this work.

Now I’m more like a tree. I grow upwards but I have enough flexibility to bend in the wind.

I go with the flow instead of snapping.

And here’s what I finally figured out: plans don’t matter all that much. Just like a tree, you can still aim for the sky, even if at times you bend and flex.

You still get there in the end.

The way I got myself out of this habit was to notice how I felt.

When a plan got changed, I would sense a constriction in my chest. It didn’t feel good.

But then I thought: what is this about, really? Am I upset simply because the plan got changed?

Does it really matter that my schedule is different?

What if instead I just accepted the change? Lived with it? Didn’t get bothered about it?

Would I feel better?

The answer was yes.

I accepted. I didn’t resist.

And I still kept growing upwards.



Photo by James Douglas on Unsplash