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I was on the phone this morning, and as it was a lovely day, I took the call outside.

It was an early-morning call and the earth was just starting to warm up. The air was full of delicious leafiness and woodsyness.

But what I noticed most was the ground.

The rocky ground, the muddy ground, the hard ground.

I could feel it beneath the soles of my shoes.

Each stone.

Each patch of grass.

And… it was lovely!

We seldom notice the ground.

It sits below our feet, supporting us, yet we don’t pay attention to it.

But when we do – when we really feel it – then it can bring enormous pleasure.

And what’s more, we can feel connected to it. To the earth. To reality.

We are grounded!

So how about you try this today: take a walk outside and notice the ground beneath your feet.

Really notice it.

Feel it.

Connect with it.





Photo by Lana Campher on Unsplash