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The builders who are working on our house drive a big truck.

And in that truck are racks and boxes of tools.

There’s a tool for every occasion., so instead of running off to The Home Depot every 30 minutes, they just go back to the truck.

The same thing happens with this “work”. As you do it more and more, you develop your own “feel better” toolkit that you can dip into whenever you want.

Perhaps the most important tool is “Appreciations”. I talked about how important they are yesterday – the nightly practice of thinking of three things about the day you can appreciate.

But you can also use Appreciations at any time during the day.

If I find myself feeling anxious, nervous or maybe even a little bit angry, I try to reach for my Appreciation tool and think: what can I appreciate about this moment right now?

There’s always something – however small – that I can appreciate.

The trick is (and this isn’t always easy) is to remember to do it. We’re often so wrapped up in our monkey-mind thinking that we forget to stop and reach into our toolkit.

We’re too busy banging nails with our hands that we forget we have a hammer in the truck!

Remembering comes with practice.

So this is something you do again and again.

You forget, but then you remember… and over time you remember more often than you did in the past.

What can you appreciate about your situation right here and now?





Picture by

Todd Quackenbush