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The body has more wisdom than we give it credit for.

Over the years, we’ve become so “smart” that we think our brains tell us everything.

We see the brain as the person in charge; the body is a dirty relic of the past.

But… maybe it’s time to listen to our bodies again.

The truth is, our bodies have a lot to tell us.

They give us early warning signals when something isn’t quite right.

They’re persistent with their low-key alarms.

They tap into signals from the sub-conscious that our thinking brains aren’t tuned into.

So how about – right now – you stop reading and tap into your body?

Scan yourself from head to toe and ask: is there anything that’s not quite right? Do I have tension somewhere? Some discomfort?

And if you do, notice it and acknowledge it.

Maybe ask: what are you trying to tell me?

Then, if you get an answer, try asking: what can I do, right now, to feel just a little bit better?

You see, your body can become your best friend – a partner in dialog as you change your thinking.

It might not be “smart” but it has wisdom.

Simon Payn


Brandon Wilson