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Yesterday I was feeling bad.

I had that sense of “urgh,” somewhere in my chest.

Something… I didn’t know quite what… just wasn’t quite right.

But that’s OK.

One of the biggest mistakes we make when doing this stuff is resisting days like that. We sometimes deny our feelings, cover them up, stamp on them.

We don’t want them so we tell them to shut up.

The trouble is, that’s a recipe for staying in that bad-feeling place longer. That bad feeling isn’t going away until you listen to it.

Instead, I chose to be OK with the feeling. To taste it. To explore it.

To accept it.

And only then could I reach for something better.

In my case, it was going home, eating some chips, and listening to something inspiring.

That little bit of self-care opened up a space for me to reach for a better-feeling thought.

And then, as the hours went on, I did start to feel better.

Here’s the thing:

There’s nothing wrong with feeling bad. Indeed, it’s the contrast between feeling bad and feeling good that encourages us to reach for something better.

Andrew Branch