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On most days, there’s enough breeze to create ripples on the lake.

On those days, the sun shines off the waves and you see just blue and reflected light.

But on other days, the wind dies down. When that happens, the water becomes still and the light shines through it.

And at those times, you get access to another world.

There’s the bottom of the lake, with its rocks and mud.

There’s weeds and bugs.

And there’s fish, just floating around.

Hanging out.

Chillin’ in their liquid parallel universe.

They’re there all the time, of course, even when the wind is blowing and the lake is choppy.

It’s just that we don’t see them.

It’s as if their below-the-surface world doesn’t exist.

And that… is like life itself.

Because most of the time, our minds are like stormy waters. We’re a tempest of thoughts that create so much sound and fury that we fail to see the world as it really exists. We fail to see the universe below the waterline.

It’s only when we notice our thoughts and learn to still them that we get access to the entire cosmos.

But when we do, we realize there’s an unlimited resource of wisdom, creativity and inspiration – just there to be tapped into.

All it takes is a lull in the storm.

And that all starts with one question: what can I do, right now, to feel just a little bit better?