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Our new house is off grid, which means our electricity comes from big solar panels up on the hill.

And on long summer days like yesterday, when the sky is bluer than blue and the sun is brighter than bright, we make lots and lots of electricity.

Indeed, we generate so much that I could turn on the dryer, the dishwasher and the laundry… and still have enough to switch on every light in the house.

And that, let me tell you, is a strange thing!

It’s just plain weird to think we have so much electricity we can never use it up.

It’s weird to think we just keep making it and there’s more to come.

After being conditioned to understand that there’s a meter clicking away somewhere… and that every watt costs, it’s a 180-turn to truly believe that we have more than enough electricity for our needs.

And that got me thinking: what if there was always enough of everything?

What if that same sun grew enough plants for me to eat?

What if I had enough money to live a life?

What if I had enough time so I wasn’t feeling rushed?

What if there was enough love in the world so I always felt loved?

And what if I was enough? What if I was perfect in my imperfections… and that was enough? What if I was just right… and enough?

We’re so full of fear that we fail to notice that right here, right now, we do have enough and we are enough.

If we sit still and get quiet, we discover the truth that right here, right now, the sun is always shining.