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They’re digging up the road on my way to the office.

Cars line up behind stop signs. The highway is down to one lane.

My commute takes an extra five to ten minutes.

And… I’ve decided to enjoy it.

We’re accustomed to considering construction delays as an inconvenience; a waste of time; something that stops us getting where we need to be.

They are an irritant. Maybe even stressful.

As we sit in the traffic, we feel bad.

So when I ask myself the question, “what would make myself feel a little bit better right now?” the answer is: chill out and enjoy the ride.

After all, seldom do those extra five to ten minutes make such a big difference.

We’re not the president or the guy responsible for a NASA countdown.

We can wait.

I asked the question and did a mind flip.

I decided to enjoy the delay.

I would take a couple of breaths and look at the trees. How beautiful the leaves are when the breeze whispers through them!

And as I crawl through, I would gawp at the massive backhoes and the holes in the road that stretch to China. I am like a five-year old, amazed at the wonders of the world. Those big trucks are so cool!

It’s the same road construction, the same delay.

But it’s a different experience.

Matthew Henry