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I’d like you to try an experiment, if you are so-minded.

You know what dogs are like when they’re “doing their own thing” outside? When they’re off the leash… sniffing freedom.

Indeed, sniffing is what they do. They find a scent, then follow it. Then they find another scent, then follow that.

From time to time, they find a scent that turns out to worth pursuing with great seriousness, so they spend longer sniffing out its source. Maybe some digging goes on.

Here’s the experiment: I want you to be like a dog with your Kindle (or other e-reader device – I have no favorite.)

If you’re like me, you’ve got a bunch of books on there, and even more samples. Some you’ve read; most you haven’t.

Next time you open your Kindle, pick a book (or sample) that attracts you. Read it for as long (or as little) as you wish.

Then, when you feel like it, browse through and pick something else.

Choose whatever appeals to you. Read it… or not.

Then choose again.

And while you are doing this, notice your thoughts and your feelings. Are you feeling relaxed? Inspired? Energized? Something else?

What’s going in inside your head right now?

Here’s the theory around all this: we spend a lot of our lives planning and scheming. We work out in our brains the best thing to do – the “correct” thing to do. And then we do it, like good boys and girls. (Or we don’t do it, and then we feel guilty.)

What if instead we just did what felt best?

What if we allowed ourselves to be led?

Is it possible that by letting go of the leash, we can get in touch with what interests us and excites us?

Is it possible that our larger self knows what’s best for us better than our thinking mind does?

Is it possible we can live like this a little more in future?

Simon Payn

P.S. I’d love to know if you try this. You can comment on this Facebook post.