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I’ve got an easy tip for you today.

You see, we so easily forget.

We know that it pays to stop and be still, for just a few seconds.

We know that quietening the mind, however briefly, makes us feel better.

And yet we get so caught up on doing stuff, that we forget.

The trouble is, when we forget, the thinking mind continues to do its thing – to run the show – and we’re more likely to get stressed, upset and frustrated. We’re more likely to do the wrong thing.

In my browser on my computer I have an extension called the Bell of Mindfulness.

I’ve set it so that every so often, it rings a bell and puts up a message on my screen to remind me to take a break of a few seconds – to breathe and be present.

That makes all the difference.

When the bell rings, I return to the present. I connect with my true self. I become aligned.

And then everything I do after that is easier – there’s less friction, less effort.

All it takes is a few seconds.

While computers and phones can be a cause of distraction, we can also put them to work for our benefit.