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Police were called to a grocery store parking lot this week because two senior ladies were hitting each other with canes.

We’ve all been there.

One thing turns to another and before long you’re whacking an old lady over the head with a walking stick.

But seriously, this is what we do as humans.

Something upsets us, we get mad, and then we do all sorts of crazy stuff.

The thinking mind – the ego – gets dented and the pre-programmed brain takes over, kind of like an autopilot gone wrong… or a virus running amok in a computer.

We lose connection with all that is good and true.

We get out of alignment.

Right here – in this grocery store parking lot – is the perfect illustration of the human condition. We think we’re so smart and logical… and yet at any given moment we can turn into cane-waving lunatics.

That’s why it pays – as the Buddhists might say – to watch our minds.

To be aware that we’re getting triggered.

To notice when our thoughts go off on a tangent.

And to stop and say “wait a minute, something’s not right here, we’re not grounded and connected and aligned anymore.”

Then at that moment, we return to normalcy. We switch off the rogue auto-pilot.

We stay aligned.

And we don’t go beating old ladies with canes.