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Where I live, everyone is complaining about the rain.

The skies are gray. The land is damp.

People are miserable.

And it’s causing real problems: tourists stay away, things don’t get done.

(And, most importantly, our own building work is on hiatus!)

But we have a choice here:

There’s a difference between what we think of the rain, and what the rain actually is.

Our brains say the rain is annoying, depressing, a pain.

But it doesn’t help us feel better by focusing on the problems the rain is bringing us.

After all, in reality, the rain just is.

It’s just the atmosphere doing its thing – and there’s nothing we can do about it.

So instead of fighting the rain – fighting what is – it’s usually better to accept it.

Maybe even to enjoy its special beauty.

And when we do that, magic happens. We find the space to be creative – to live with the rain, work with the rain, and make the best of the wet.

We can accept the rain and yet desire the sun.

Then we find a space in the clouds of our thoughts and start to feel better.

Simon Payn