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That time when you had a sick feeling in your stomach.

Or tension in your shoulders.

That time when you met someone and they seemed nice… but something was just off.

And you didn’t know quite what.

That time when you made a decision because it seemed the smart thing to do.

But something about it didn’t sit right.

This all goes to show that there is more than meets the mind.

Our conscious, thinking brains are marvellous tools. They’ve got us to where we are today.

But our mental superpowers sometimes override our other senses – our intuitions, our feelings.

That’s why it pays to listen, from time to time. To stop and consider: is there something else going on here?

Because while our bodies and our feelings and our “noticings” aren’t as verbal – as articulate – as the thinking mind, they still have a lot of wisdom to offer.

And sometimes… often… wisdom knows best.

Simon Payn