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Last night all the carbon monoxide detectors in our house went off.

They flashed lights. They sounded alarms. They even shouted at us.

Thankfully, it was a false alarm.

But it gives me the perfect excuse to remind you of one thing:

You have your own carbon monoxide detector right there in your own brain.

It sounds the alarm when something isn’t right.

It tries to get your attention by making you feel bad; by hinting that something – somewhere – isn’t aligned with what you really desire.

The trouble is, we are trained after decades of life to ignore these alarms. We press the “override” button and shut them off because we believe we know better.

And then we continue with our lives.

But that causes discomfort, because your internal carbon monoxide detector is often wiser than you are.

It knows something is wrong before you realize it.

So if we were to listen, we would feel better.

In the Feel Better Project Cheat Sheet I talk about your inner compass – your guidance system that puts you on the right track. So consider your internal carbon monoxide alarm an indicator that your compass it out of alignment.

If you can learn to listen, you can get back into alignment and feel a whole lot better.

Listen and correct. That’s all.

Simon Payn

P.S. There’s one more thing I want to tell you about all the alarms going off. My reaction was one of frustration and anger. I went to bed in a bad mood. This morning, I re-framed the whole incident in terms of appreciation: these alarms are there to save my life. Same incident; different story. I can choose either version, but one of them makes me feel better than the other.