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When was the last time you noticed the ground beneath your feet?

The hard, unforgiving pavement. Or the stony driveway. Or the loamy woodland.

All too often, we sense the world with our head – our eyes and our brain – without noticing the thing that supports us: the ground.

And this is important, because without touching the ground, we can’t bounce back up again.

When we feel bad, we often deny that feeling. We blame ourselves, we disagree with ourselves… we ignore what our better sense is telling us.

And that’s a pity, because we hold ourselves in a bad-feeling space; we deny “what is”.

Instead, it’s better to recognize that bad feeling, to swoosh it around the mouth a little… to taste it.

Recognize it and honor it.

And only then should we reach for the better feeling thought.

We should say: yes, I feel like that and it is totally reasonable. But what if instead I thought this… or did that?

Because you can’t leap high without pushing into the ground.

Simon Payn