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On British trains, a bell goes off in the driver’s cab when the train is approaching a yellow signal.

If the driver doesn’t press a button to acknowledge the bell, the train stops. It’s a safety thing.

A couple of months ago, I set up my own personal bell using an app on my phone.

It works in a similar way.

Here’s the thing: Life is a bit like a train. We get up in the morning and set off down the tracks.

And many times, we go faster and faster all day until… well, sometimes we run off the rails.

So the bell serves to make me stop and check in with myself: How am I feeling right now?

Oftentimes, when I do that check-in, I notice that I’m not feeling so great. Maybe a little stressed, or angry or tired.

When I notice that, I get the chance to reset: What would make me feel a little bit better right now?

Doing that puts the train back on the tracks, going in the right direction.

It’s like a check-in for the brain. It stops the crazy-active thinking mind from taking control and running your life.

It’s like saying: Wait a minute, is what you are doing now really in line with what you really want?

Then over time, as you practice this more and more, you start to notice your mind more and more.

You begin to take control.

And that’s a wonderful feeling.

Simon Payn