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Most things don’t matter.

At least not as much as you think they do.

Will it matter in 30 minutes?

Will it matter tomorrow?

Will it matter next year?

Will it matter as you lie on your death bed?

Most things fix themselves.

And if they don’t, does it matter… all that much?

For most of my life, I’ve been a fixer. I see a problem, jump on it and work-work-work until it’s fixed.

I still fall into this pattern, despite all the Feel Better work I’ve been doing.

I stress and I strain. My brain goes into overdrive.

Until I fix it.

Or I don’t.

Because – the truth is – most things fix themselves. Or they’re easily fixed, when you’re ready – or when you make that call.

Very little is that big of a deal.

Very little is worth ruining your day for.

Simon Payn

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