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What if I told you there was always access to answers?

You just have to listen!

The trouble is, we don’t listen. We think we’re too darn smart to listen – with our big brains and our logic and our “I’ll figure it out” smarts.

So instead, we stress and strain. We huff and puff.

And because we’re all worked up and our brain is fried with all that hyper-activity, we do the wrong thing.

Because our actions come from a place of mis-alignment.

Just think back: have you ever said something you regret, or been rude to a customer, or reamed out a key employee… because you were stressed and maybe a little angry?

Because you were in a “bad place”.

Instead, get into alignment first.

Breathe. Sit still. Quieten the mind.

For just 30 seconds.

And then, once you get into that place of flow – that alignment with all that is good and right and inspiring –the answer comes.

And – bingo! – you do the right thing.

Here’s the rule: alignment first; everything else second.

Simon Payn

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