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I was standing in line at the register of our local department store the other day.

This shop sells everything from clothes to office supplies to…

… well, as it turns out, piñatas.

A family of four was in front of me. One of the daughters pointed high up on the wall and asked: why do we never get a piñata?

It was one of those unanswerable questions.

Would you like one? asked her father.

But the girl wasn’t bothered. It was just a thought. A question. Of little consequence.

But here’s the thing that was interesting.

The two children’s faces were filled with happiness and joy. This store was full of wonders – a piñata just one of many.

But their parents’ faces were pictures of stress and anxiety. Tension. Grayness. The store was a means to an end.

Now – of course – adult life has its pressures: the bills, the plans – bringing up two children. The life of a seven-year-old is care-free.

However, I couldn’t help but think: isn’t it interesting that we grown-ups are so consumed by our lives that we seldom leave room for joy?

Whereas children – they live for fun.

So – just maybe – it would pay to let a little of that fun back in.

After all, why do we never get a piñata?

Simon Payn

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