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Did you  see the movie Avatar when it came out?

The year was 2009. We wore 3D glasses.

I remember the detail, the depth of field…the sheer lusciousness of the landscape.

The world of Avatar was more hi-def than reality.

So… what if you could see the everyday world like it was Avatar? What if ordinary life had that detail – that richness?

This is what happens when the thinking mind is encouraged to chill out.

You see, when the computer in your brain takes a break from constantly thinking, it gets the chance to process what’s around you.

And then you finally notice what was always there… if only your brain hadn’t been so busy with its planning and its worrying and its fearing.

You notice the sweet smell of the air.

The softness of the breeze.

The dancing of the trees.

The shining of the leaves.

It’s like – suddenly– you see the world in full Technicolor after a lifetime of black and white.

The good news is, you can train your mind.

You can encourage your overactive computer to chill out.

And the more you practice, the easier it becomes.

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Simon Payn

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