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I remember the day I first noticed my desk had this weird “vibe” thing going on around it.

It was kind of like a force field: don’t get too close or you’ll get vaporized!

Of course, my desk wasn’t really electrified or angry or possessed. That weird vibe came from my own head.

But the point was, I noticed it.

This is important, because lots of things have weird vibes around them. They just don’t feel right. There’s something off.

The trouble is, nine time out of ten we ignore that vibe. Our thinking mind takes charge and we forge ahead anyway.

… Which leads to trouble.

Back to my desk. I felt that weird vibe because I wasn’t in the right condition to work at that minute. Indeed, if I had compelled myself to work, my output would have been second-rate. Or worse.

Something was telling me that I wouldn’t be working from a place of inspiration. And when you’re not taking inspired action, you’re not doing good work.

The secret is to learn to listen to those weird vibes: the force field around the desk, the emptiness in the stomach, the pain in the neck.

The trick is to consider: what is it telling me?

And then follow its advice.

So… on bad-vibe-desk-day, I decided to goof off for a bit. Go for a walk. Sit in the sun.

And you know what? Just 30 minutes later I was feeling better.

I went back to my desk. Its weird vibe had gone. I did some good work.

Here’s the takeaway: act from a place of inspiration. And if you’re not feeling inspired, then do something else.

That’s when inspiration gets the opportunity to turn you into a super-creative and productive warrior.

Simon Payn

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