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I was going to write today about meditation and how great it is.

But I changed my mind.

Here’s why.

Just now I was laying on my couch, staring out the window, and I looked up at the sky.

Now, to many eyes, it was a very ordinary sky: mostly cloudy, but with some brightness as the late afternoon sun tried to poke through.

But suddenly, this feeling of awe came over me, and I thought:

“How absolutely marvelous that I get to live on a planet that has this amazing atmosphere that creates such depth, such beauty and such amazing patterns light.”

Yeah, I know… you had to be there…

The thing is, when you go through the mind training offered by the Feel Better Project, you are – on a daily basis – completely bowled over by the sheer amazingness of things that, in the past, you would have taken for granted.

It’s like being a small child once again; a two-year old discovering snails and raspberries and twigs for the very first time.

We adults have lost the ability to be amazed. We see only the ordinary through our jaded eyes.

But once you train the mind, you discover the world afresh again.

And you realize that it truly is full of wonders to behold.

Simon Payn

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