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Sheep aren’t known for their IQs.

They’re so smart they follow each other to… well… they know not where.

If you’ve ever been on the moorlands of Scotland, you’ll find sheep tracks crossing the hills.

For centuries, these woolly animals have followed each other over hill and dale, carving ever-deeper pathways in the heather.

Once a trail gets well-enough marked, it’s almost impossible to go anywhere else.

Especially if you’re a sheep.

But before you start to feel too superior, consider this:

Your brain is full of its own sheep-tracks: neural pathways of well-worn thinking patterns. Tracks in the grass you’ve been running along for decades.

Thoughts you’ve been following without thinking.

When someone cuts you off in traffic, you go to one thought.

When a customer gets mad, you go to another.

When sales are lower this month… off you scamper on another sheeply trail.

It’s as automated as a flock at dawn.

But if those thoughts are no longer serving you (because, hey, you’re now 40 and they were created when you were 4), then maybe it’s time to develop some new ones.

… New thoughts that make a heck of a lot more sense now you’re all grown up with a business or a job.

It’s not easy, but the process is simple: Notice your thought and choose another path to follow.

Then repeat.

And repeat.

And repeat…

… Until you start blazing a trail that makes a lot more sense.

Then before you know it, you’ve got pathways that lead to wellbeing and joy rather than fear and anxiety.

Simon Payn

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