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The red stop light. It’s the enemy of every driver!

We sit frustrated as our engine revs. Seconds seem like minutes… and minutes seem like hours.

I’ve got somewhere to go! Stop making me stop!

And that’s the point.

We’ve always got somewhere to go that’s better than where we are.

Our future plans seem more important than our present reality.

The trouble is, when we get where we are going, we are already thinking about where we have to go next!

We’re living in a future that we never reach.

So when I tell you that red lights are now my favorite thing… well, it’s a little hard to believe.

But it’s true.

Because now, red lights are a glorious moment of release. A time to breathe. A chance to look around at shining trees, smiling faces and pillowy clouds.

Red lights are an opportunity to be present because we have no choice: the stop light is making us stop.

And it’s a joy.

This is what the Feel Better Project does for you. It takes the sting out of everyday annoyances and allows you to appreciate them for what they give you.

You experience joy under the red-light glow.

Simon Payn

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