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We humans believe we’re so smart with our big, massive brains.

We homo sapiens with our inventions and our philosophies and our politics.

Our engines and our computers. Our Amazons and our Ubers.

We say the clever computers in our brains created all this by thinking and plotting and strategizing.

So brainy smart!

But that’s all wrong.

The thinking brain is an amazing tool. It helps us get the details right. It assists with logic. It allows us to analyze a text and solve sticky equations.

But ideas? Creativity? That spark of genius?

All that comes from somewhere else.

It comes from the silence of the woods, the steam of the shower, the eureka of the bathtub.

It comes when we quieten the thinking mind and let the subconscious do its thing; when we tap into the stream of creativity, wellbeing and joy that the world is made of.

If you want to be truly smart – if you desire to access universal wisdom – then you learn to put the thinking brain in its place: as a tool, not the master.

The Feel Better Project is all about teaching you how to do that. Step-by-step, practice by practice… revelation by revelation.

Simon Payn

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