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California’s valleys are a riot of color right now.

Three years of drought followed by snow and rain brought the desert to life in a “super-bloom” of flowers.

Seeds that lay patiently awaiting have sprung into action and done their thing.

Now… some people might say:

…Life is like this.

…Hope springs eternal.

…Even the most barren of landscapes harbors life.

…All you need is patience and the rain will come.

And, if you’re similar to me (the me of a couple of years ago), you’d say: Yeah, right. That sounds lovely and all, but…really… it’s kinda hard to believe. Even though, deep down, I’d like it to be true, surely it’s just a happy-clappy cliche?

So here’s the point I want to make to you today:

With the right training, you can believe this stuff.

And even more than that, you can know it.

You can hold it inside you like an unshakeable truth.

And then, you understand that everything is supported; that nature is working perfectly to renew life; that even in the most dire circumstances, flowers bloom.

That’s what the Feel Better Project training is all about.

You discover how to live from a place of well-being and joy where accepting the dryness of the desert is the perfect way to drink deep from a flood of flowers.