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I am the world’s worst bartender.

When I pour a beer, I pour it so fast that three-fourths of the glass is foam and my craft ale comes gushing out the top.

Then I have to clean up and wait for the foam to disappear before I can even start to pour more beer. Total disaster.

I told you: Worst. Bartender. Ever.

That was until I started to do this Feel Better stuff. Because now… at least when I remember… I pour the best beer in the world. I could work for Guinness I pour so well.

The reason? I focus on the actual act of pouring. I watch what I’m doing. I take it slowly.

Instead of rushing to get the darn beer poured so I can move on to the next thing (that would be drinking it), I take pleasure in watching the amber liquid flow into the glass.

Pouring beer is (almost) as fun as drinking it.

Maybe this is a metaphor for all this Feel Better stuff. Most of the time, we’re so busy in our heads, planning our futures, worrying, expecting, that we never actually focus on what we are doing now. And that means, we miss most of the pleasure that is available to us. There is, after all, lots of pleasure to be experienced in everyday stuff – like pouring a beer.

So next time, before you open the bottle, stop and think: maybe I would feel just a little bit better by focusing on what I’m doing.

And cheers to that!