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The grocery store checkout line is the perfect place for practice.

In front, an item without a price. And a refund request. And a credit card that doesn’t work.

So at that moment, there’s a choice.

A fork in the road.

There’s the chance to make an active decision; to take control: Do I want to feel good or to feel bad?

Now… most of us take the left-hand fork; the bad-feeling road. We say: This line is such a waste of time. Why does that woman want a refund on a can of beans? Why can’t she get her card to work? Why is the man behind the counter so darn dumb? I have to be somewhere! I have better things to do! I do not deserve this bullshit! Urgh, life sucks just so bad.


Take a breath and turn right.

The rush of air in my nostrils feels nice.

And there’s the aroma of freshly baked bread.

Really… this checkout line isn’t so terrible.

The man behind the cash is friendly. We smile at each other.

The woman with the bad card is embarrassed. Let’s smile at her. It’s OK. We’ve all been there with the crapped out card.

And really? Where do I have to be?

… Just somewhere else that seems like it’s better.

But it isn’t really.

It’s just another place… where we’re waiting for something else.

After all, here – right here – is life.

It’s breath. It’s people. It’s connection.

It’s love.

So where else would I rather be?