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Many people are more than a little concerned about the weather.

Will it rain tomorrow?

Will it rain on vacation?

Will it rain on my parade?

Of course, we never know the answer to this.

We cannot control the percentage of moisture in the atmosphere and the precise conditions that will lead to a cloud leaking H20.

Unless you’re a farmer or a duck, rain is generally considered A Bad Thing. It spoils barbecues and does terrible things to our hair.

It’s wet and it’s cold and it’s miserable.

Or is it?

What if we decided that rain was neither good nor bad? That it just “is”.

Because, after all, hating the rainy wet drizzle isn’t going to make it go away. And it’s certainly not going to make us feel better.

What if we could look at the rain and watch it bouncing off the leaves of a tree? If we could glimpse the neon of that store across the street reflecting in the pavement? If we could poke our noses outside and inhale the loamy earth?

Is rain still A Bad Thing?

Maybe, right now, it’s actually quite OK.

Maybe indeed it feels rather good!

Maybe… we can imagine the sun coming out and making a delicious, steamy promise of a different kind of day?

Does’t that turn things around, just a little?

Rain? Hey, it’s fine.