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We’re stressed. We’re unhappy.  We’re feeling bad.

But there is a different way.

And it starts by asking one simple question.


On June 12, 2016 a man entered a nightclub in Orlando and shot 49 people dead.

It was the single biggest massacre by a lone gunman in US history.

It shocked the world.

This project isn’t about gun control or homophobia or mass killings.

Instead, it was born out of this thought:

How could someone feel so bad – be so unhappy, so disturbed… so disconnected from all that is good in the world – that he would do such a thing?

You see, we are all that person.

When we honk our horns in traffic, when we scowl in the checkout line, when we snap at our spouse, it’s because something just isn’t right.

We’re feeling bad.

Now, we’re not this shooter; we’re not going to grab a gun.

We are at the safe end of the spectrum.

But it’s still a spectrum.

And right now, around the world, there’s an epidemic of feeling bad.

We’re stressed. We’re rushed. We’ve got too much on.

We feel like we’re not earning enough and that our relationships are on the brink. We believe that our futures are uncertain and frightening.

We’re full of anxiety. Living in fear.

Our minds are chaos. We’ve got a runaway computer program controlling our brains.

And it’s making us unhappy.

The Feel Better Project is about reversing this terrifying spiral.

Because it doesn’t have to be like this. We can stop. We can look at ourselves. And we can consider: is this how we want to live our lives?

And if we decide that the answer is “no”, then we can do something about it.

We can ask ourselves one simple question: What can I do, right now, that will make me feel just a little bit better?

And when we do that, we step onto the path back to joy. We begin a journey that leads to peace, wonder and astonishment.

We take control of our lives and we start to create the experience we really want.

And when we start feeling better, everyone around us – indeed the entire globe – begins to feel better too.

The Feel Better Project exists to show the world that there is a better way to live.

And it all starts with one simple question: What can I do, right now, that will make me feel just a little bit better?